Membership Reinstatement

Membership Reinstatement
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Membership Reinstatement



Members who fail to maintain their membership in TheIIC as required in order to maintain the Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA) or Certified Controls Specialist (CCS) certification are terminated in accordance provisions contained within Section II – Membership of TheIIC’s Code of Professional Standards and cannot hold themselves out as a CICA or CCS while in a terminated status.

Members may officially resign or retire from TheIIC and terminate their membership by notifying TheIIC of their request and effective date. Notice must be made in writing including email within 90 days past their current membership expiration date. Resigned/Retired members cannot hold themselves out as a CICA or CCS once their membership is terminated. Resigned/Retired members may request reinstatement within three years of their termination date without examination provided they meet the requirements for reinstatement as noted in the Code of Professional Standards and complete the Request for Reinstatement form. Note that members may apply for Retired Active status if they are not working in any capacity in a professional position
Any member whose certification has been suspended or revoked in accordance with the Code of Professional Standards will be required to apply for formal reinstatement if they want to reactivate their membership and certification. The member will be required to complete the Request for Reinstatement form and submit a non-refundable fee of $100. In case these members will join IIC Turkey, the fee of $100 will be waived by TheIIC. However, the members will still need to pay $75 annual renewal fees to TheIIC and also will need to pay their annual membership dues to IIC Turkey.
Members should be aware that reinstatement is not automatic. The Request will be evaluated by the Office of the Chairman and may be forwarded to the Nominations Committee for their recommendation. If the Request for Reinstatement is denied, the Chairman will provide the reasons for the denial. If the Request for Reinstatement is approved, the Member must submit payment for the current renewal dues immediately. Failure to remit payment within 30 days of approval will result in revocation of the approval.
Any questions concerning reinstatement should be sent to the Office of the Chairman at
If your membership has lapsed during the last 3 years, you can apply for reinstatement by completing the Reinstatement Form in interactive PDF and emailing to the IIC.

Click above to read the instructions regarding reinstatement prior to completing the reinstatement form. Please make note of the fact that all terms and conditions, as well as payment of reinstatement fee plus annual dues is required for reinstatement to be achieved. 


Click the link above to access the online form to pay by credit card. Ensure that all information requested is entered into the form and that the process of payment using credit card is properly completed.