Turkey Local Chapter Commences Operations - New Rate Structure Approved

Turkey Local Chapter Commences Operations - New Rate Structure Approved
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    Yeni İş Hanı No:28/401 K4. Fatih-Eminönü Çiçek Pazarı Sokak, İstanbul/Turkey

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Turkey Local Chapter Commences Operations - New Rate Structure Approved


As part of the organization structure of the Local Chapter, as well as the restructuring of fees for low income countries, it was agreed that Turkey will be classified as a country eligible for the low income fees. Effective immediately the new fee structure for Turkey applicants and renewing members will be:


* New Applications for Certification Under the Grandfathering Provision = $100

* Associate Members = $75

* Annual renewal fees = $75


Note that fees for Educators will remain the same since they already include a 50% reduction. Also be advised due to the high costs of shipping certificates directly to members, certificates will be mailed directly to the Local Chapter for distribution to the new member.


It was also agreed that Turkey members who have been terminated due to non renewal will be allowed to apply for reinstatement and that the $100 restatement fee would be waived for members who join the local chapter.. The total fee for reinstated members who join the local chapter will be limited to payment of the annual dues ($75). Local Chapter dues should be paid directly to the Turkey Local Chapter.


NOTE that TheIIC Chairman has approved Dr. Cevdet Kizil as the founding President and Funda Guzel Kizil as Vice President. Additional officers will be appointed/elected at the initial organizational meeting to be scheduled. Petitioning officers will serve a two year term at the appointed of TheIIC Chairman.


The new chapter website is hosted at http://iicturkey.org.  All interested members are encouraged to visit the website for details and contact Dr. Kizil directly at cevdetkizil@theiic.org.


This exciting development underscores the IIC commitment to worldwide participation in the field of Internal Controls.


It should be noted that the Turkish government has refused to allow TheIIC's primary credit card vendor (PayPal) to operate in Turkey due to its new in-country business residence requirement. Therefore all payments from Turkey must be completed through our alternative credit card vendor (2Checkout) which will require a special email link for payment. Contact the Office of the Chairman at chairman@theiic.org to request a link for payment via 2Checkout.


Questions concerning the above can be directed to Dr. Kizil directly or to the Office of the Chairman at the email above.


Dr. Frank

Frank Nasuti, Ph.D., CPA, CICA, CFE